Digital Graphics

The preferred file type is Vector. If Vector art is unavailable, you can submit a high resolution JPEG at 300 DPI. You should email your files to customerservice@fisherathletic.com

We know that color is important to a school or organization's identity. The best way to make sure we replicate your color is to include Pantone(PMS) colors in your file, if no Pantone number is available, or it is unknown, there may be a university that has a color scheme you are trying to follow. For example, let us know that you are using "Florida Gators blue and orange" and we can find and match those colors for you.

Customer Service

Depending on the product, lead times will vary.
Goal Post Pads: 2 weeks
Goal Post: 2-3 weeks
Wall Padding: 4-6 weeks
Chairs: 4-6 weeks
Stock Items: 3-5 business days
Please note that during high traffic times, these lead times can increase. Please check with your customer service representative to verify accurate lead time.

We accept Purchase Orders, Checks, and all major credit cards: Visa, American Express, Master Card, and Discover. Payment must be received before any order is put into production.

Wall Panels/Padding

Measurements must be taken off the actual wall, not existing pads. Please indicate the height of the panels and the total length of the wall. Sketch all cutouts, openings, beams and corners in their appropriate position. Please use the Protective Padding Information Sheet. (Attach the Fisher Protective Padding Information Sheet)

The wood backed padding have several hanging methods.
Standard: One inch lip on the top and bottom.
Optional: U channel top and bottom, Z bracket top and U channel bottom, Z bracket top and bottom.
Please check with your customer service representative for suggestions.

Accurate measurements are important. We must know if the measurements are pulled from baseboard, molding, mop guard, or floor.